March 1999 :

(Page updated : 26/05/1999)

 BALGPS meeting with DETR officials (30th March 1999):

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman attended a meeting called by Richard Footitt, Head of Local Government Competition and Quality Division, at the offices of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, to discuss clauses 14 to 16 of the Government's Local Government Bill 1999.

The Association responded positively to the consultation initiative. It has offered to work closely with DETR officials so as to ensure the draft legislation and subordinate statutory instruments are framed in such a way as to encourage partnership working by local authorities.

If any person is aware of any problems / difficulties in the current (or proposed) legislation which restricts unnecessarily the ability of local authorities to enter into (or continue) meaningful partnerships with the private / public / voluntary sectors, please let the Chairman know as soon as possible.

Bar Council Consultation Paper on "In-service pupillages" ('Collyear' Committee):

The Association submitted a positive response to the Consultation Paper on in-service pupillages. The Association encouraged the Bar Council to adapt the pupillage rules so that a 12 months pupillage in employment counted in full. At present, employed pupillages only count for the 2nd 6 month pupillages.

The Association also took the opportunity to request the removal of unnecessary restrictions on employed barristers, with more than 3 years practical experience, who wish to set up in independent practice either on their own or with other employed barristers. At present, special rules apply which restrict entry into independent practice.

Any BALGPS member wishing to know more about this Consultation Paper or the Association's response should contact the Chairman.

Local Government Chronicle Excellence Awards (9th March 1999):

The Chairman's Legal Department was 'highly commended' for the Local Government Chronicle's Excellence Awards 1999 in the Legal Department of the Year Award. The Chairman's Department also has ISO 9001 European Quality Assurance Accreditation and the Law Society's National Lexcel Quality Accreditation.

BALGPS members wanting to know how to replicate these successes for their local authorities are encouraged to contact the Chairman.

Liberty :

Liberty is one of the UK's leading civil liberties and human rights organisations. It has been working to protect civil liberties and promote human rights for over 60 years. You can join the network of 'Lawyers for Liberty' by making a regular monthly gift of a minimum of 5 per month (3 per month for unwaged lawyers). Membership is open to barristers, solicitors, academic, in-house lawyers and students. Your monthly donation will be used to fund legal casework, advice and information, and parliamentary work. Discounts are also available on Liberty legal courses and publications.

Lawyers for Liberty include: Robin Allen QC, David Bean QC, Richard Drabble QC, James Goudie QC, Heather Hellett QC, Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC, Michael Mansfield QC, Professor Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC FBA, Geoffrey Bindman, Peter Herbert, and Keith Vaz MP.

For further details, please contact:-

John Wadham, Director, LIBERTY, Freepost, 21 Tabard Street, London SE1 6BP

Tel :(0171) 403 3888, Fax : (0171) 407 5354, E-mail :




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